Endurance Riding Ireland

Endurance Vetting

an integral part of Endurance...

At ILDRA CTR/ER rides you will have to fill in a Vet Sheet. Before the ride you will fill in details such as horse's name, breed etc and the rider's details, and the vet writer will fill in the rest of the sheet at the start, end and if applicable, mid-way vettings. Each type of ride has its own vet sheet.

  • CTR Vet Sheet
  • ER Vet Sheet

When you enter a Competitive Ride, your horse will be vetted before the ride, within 30 minutes of finishing, and in longer rides during the ride. You should present your horse to the vet in a headcollar or a bridle (your choice, as long as your horse is under control). Stallions should be presented in a bridle with bit.

There are three main parts to the vetting:

  • Taking the pulse
  • Checking general condition
  • Trotting Up

To pass a vet check the vet must be satisfied that the horse or pony is fit to continue the ride and not just trotting up sound. You have NOT finished the ride until you have sucessfully vetted.

Horses and Ponies should be presented to the vet clean, without boots and hooves not oiled. If riding in hoof boots they may be fitted but the vet may ask for them to be removed.

It must be stressed that the welfare of the horse is paramount in ALL the different events run by ILDRA.